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Hard Hat Safety Enforcement

When Is a Hard Hat Required?

OSHA states, in 29 CFR 1910.135, that if the following hazardous conditions are present, then head protection is required:

  • Objects might fall from above and strike employees on the head
  • There is potential for employees to bump their heads against fixed objects, such as exposed pipes or beams
  • There is a possibility of accidental head contact with electrical hazards

Safety violations are costly and detrimental, but ultimately safe practices save lives.

Multiple hazardous conditions are present at all times on active construction sites, even if no such hazards are apparent. Just because the residential home lot you are working on is away from other construction, does not mean it is safe to work without a hard hat. An electrical panel, backhoe bucket, or simple hand tool can turn into a deadly object before having a chance to react.

Additionally, the fact that all builders require hard hats at all times on their construction sites remains. This is not a matter of a personal assessment of any given situation, but a contractual agreement that VW employees will practice safe work habits 100% of the time while on-site. Infractions, whether they be from VW safety or on-site safety officers, result in fines and termination.

Hard Hat Safety Enforcement

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